Rainbow Club

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Ascension Lutheran Children’s Center’s Rainbow Club offers school-age child care licensed by the State of California for children attending Foster Elementary and Lewis Middle schools. We have a convenient schedule and competitive tuition.  

The Children’s Center offers a safe and welcoming environment for children that need care before and after they attend school.  The Children’s Center has areas for play and relaxation, as well as facilities to allow the children to do homework.  There are also two computers on-site which can be used by the children to play games, and a large-screen TV on which the children can watch videos.  For each child’s safety and security, the computers have no automatic access to the internet.

Safety and security of each child is very important to the Children’s Center.  In order to ensure each child’s safety, a parent signs his child in or out of the Children’s Center at the beginning and end of each day. In addition, a teacher escorts the child to school before the start of the school day, and escorts him back to the Children’s Center subsequent to the end of the school day.  The teacher personally signs each child she escorts to/from school in or out of the Children’s Center. As you can see, safety of your child is of the utmost importance to the Children’s Center!